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An Ånswer Can Be Found

CKY Alliance
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Welcome to the CKY Alliance Community on LiveJournal!
The CKY Alliance is a group of individuals who are fed up with the current state of the music industry, and are at the forefront of a movement to force change in rock music, the music industry as a whole, and within oneself. Our goal can be summed up in the title of CKY's 2nd album... INFILTRATE.DESTROY.REBUILD.

If you are a fan of CKY and aren't a member of the CKY Alliance, you can join at the band's official website, ckymusic.com, and the official website of the Alliance, ckyalliance.com. You don't need to sign up to be a member of the Alliance, but you can show your support for the band and get in touch with fellow Alliance members by signing up, thus enabling the Alliance to infiltrate on a larger scale.

This community is for CKY the BAND, not the CKY movies. As funny as they may be, there are other places to discuss the films, Bam Margera, his crew and their antics. This is also not a place to discuss H.I.M., Jackass, Viva La Bam, or other things not related to the music of CKY or the Alliance. Any posts made about these or other non-Alliance related topics will result in a warning. If you continue to make posts regarding these subjects I will delete them. Persisting to post about these subjects after that will result in a ban. We will also not permit the "flaming" of other members. If it's all in good fun it's one thing, but if you are caught dissing the band, it's music, the Alliance, or members of this community, you will be banned.

This community was created for members of the Alliance to discuss the music of CKY, ways to promote the band, CKY and Alliance news, shows, etc. We encourage you to share your ideas and experiences in infiltration, and would like for you to tell us radio stations and other media outlets you've heard playing CKY.

"It's the start of a revolutionary band and revolutionary music lovers; people that are interested in entertainment. As miserable as we may seem, fans of truthful entertainment are absolutely discontent and miserable as well. We and the CKY Alliance are these fans. I deem the previous generation, that of pre CKY, officially labeled Generation Overdone. CKY and their fans are revolutionaries of the new Generation of Change." - Chad I Ginsburg

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