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This, to me, was absolutelyfuckingridiculous.....


August 12, 2005 -- ROLLING Stone writer Jenny Eliscu has complained to Island/Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid that one of his label's bands, CKY, is waging a harassment campaign against her — including the wish that she "die soon" — because she panned their new album.

Eliscu's one-star review of CKY's "An Answer Can Be Found" stated, "Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about CKY is the ardor of their fans, the CKY Alliance," who "bombarded this magazine with p - - - - d-off e-mails after we gave the band's previous album a two-star review.

"Here we go again. The presence of [MTV prankster] Bam Margera's brother Jess on drums may keep CKY aligned with the skate-punk scene, but 'An Answer Can Be Found' is mind-numbing stoner metal, with ginormous power chords, repetitive vocals and overwrought lyrics."

After the review appeared last month, CKY, which is short for Camp Kill Yourself, singled out Eliscu for abuse.

"I was besieged by phone calls from fans after singer Deron Miller posted my home number on the Internet," Eliscu wrote in an e-mail to Reid obtained by PAGE SIX. "In addition, he gave a widely circulated statement to [rock Web site] Blabbermouth saying that he hopes I die very soon.

"In the past few days, I've been deluged by copies of the new CKY record, sent to my home address and purchased by Deron Miller from a variety of sites online . . .

"I'm sure you can understand how I would find all of this quite disturbing. I've spoken with [CKY publicist] Lauren Schneider, who has done her best to keep me from blowing a gasket over this. Nonetheless, I wanted to be certain you knew what was going on with this band on your label.

"Their behavior teeters perilously close to harassment and, according to Rolling Stone's lawyer, could also be considered criminal. I would have just let it go if the problem had stopped a couple weeks back, but I can't understand why they continue to harass me, in my home. It is entirely unacceptable."

Rolling Stone spokeswoman Nora Haynes said: "This is a serious situation in which a well-respected journalist has been victimized through harassment, including death threats, for doing her job. This seems like a rather sad attempt to promote a band who should . . . rely more on their talent."

A spokeswoman for Island/Def Jam declined comment yesterday.

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WOW. That's so messed up!!!
This is too good.
She's acting as though the death threat was like totally serious. Ms. Eliscu has never used the term "I hope you die" or anything similar before? What a fucking whore. I love this band. I love the Alliance even more. Fuck Jenny Eliscu, FORCE CHANGE NOW.
People are ridiculous. Can we not act five years old and get the fuck over it? Seriously.

I doubt that Deron even gave out her phone number or said that he "wishes she'd die". Give me a break.
CKY Frontman Slams ROLLING STONE Journalist Over CD Review - July 9, 2005

Deron Miller's (CKY) response to Jenny Eliscu's review:

"If Rolling Stone was ever a credible music magazine, it certainly no longer is. They actually paid some woman that calls herself Jenny Eliscu money to write a review of our new album that isn't even suitable for inclusion in a free high-school fanzine. She gives the album one star based on the behavior our fans (the CKY Alliance) exhibited after our last disc got two stars. They raided the message boards demanding for it to be revised. How predictable, tiresome and unprofessional it is for a magazine of this stature to have Jenny Eliscu employed there as a 'journalist,' with her personal playlists only consisting of Top 10 platinum acts. Jenny actually uses the term 'ex-squeeze me' in her review after citing lyrics from our album that she just simply isn't intelligent enough to understand. This woman should be fired for this trash. I can be juvenile and 'clever,' too, Jenny. By saying things like 'Jenny's friends and family should know that she is an aging, ugly skank, and I really pray that she doesn't live too much longer'... Jenny Eliscu... no stars."
I feel like he was only saying it to prove a point, not really meaning it, you know?
Nobody every means that!!
if you wanna get technical... he didnt really out right say i really pray that she doesnt live too much longer....... he said he "can be juvenile and 'clever,' too, Jenny. By saying things like 'Jenny's friends and family should know that she is an aging, ugly skank, and I really pray that she doesn't live too much longer'.."

kind of like when people say "im not going to say that i told you so...." hahaha... so he said he could say things like that, but did he?
everyone's bitching about it on the DFD board..i'm so irritated..i'm like the only one who stood up for them.. i used the quote in the above comments..
you know, ill lay 10 to 1 that if it was a guy who reviewed the album so shittly and the same exact thing happened afterwards between the fans, the band, the emails, etc.... it wouldnt have been a big deal.

and this chick just wants the attention off of it so she is just as bad. seriously now... unless youre paris hilton or jessica simpson, youre not making it to page six unless you submit your bullshit story yourself. and you know, im probably just as bad for posting the article and giving her the attention she doesnt deserve.

i think the best thing to do is let it alone already. you know? because by now im sure the emails and phone calls have stopped. its just a way to keep her name in print. besides... they can bargain with her and say that they will mention her on their behind the music..... ;-P
I think she is over exadurating. This is Bullshit tho, and i hope deron doesnt get in too much trouble, Because i doubt he would do that.