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In CKY4 does anyone have the music that is behind "ny shitbags"? It sounds like gnarkill but i'm not sure. anyone with a title, band or file would be greatly appreciated... please comment.

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does anyone have any live recordings of any songs? specifically hoping for 'to all of you'. when i say live recordings i mean actually decent quality, not those half assed vegas tape recordings from back in the day. anyone?

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Would anyone happen to have tickets to the sold-out Avenged Sevenfold/CKY Cities of Evil show in Grand Rapids Michigan that they would be willing to sell me? I'll pay good money for them.
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Me, my boyfriend, and my brother are seeing cKy tommorow night in Boston. I've done so much research and I can't find out who the opening band is. Does anyone have a clue? I don't think it's Avenged Sevenfold or whoever they are. Anyone?
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Hellview 2

Halloween - October 31, 2005 - The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

This Monday, who's going?

I'll be there for sure.

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