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Rolling Stone/Blabbermouth

Hey everyone, the new album has been out a little over 2 weeks and it's doing great. It debuted at number 35 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, and it has gotten great reviews from alot of media, including Alternative Press.

Unfortunatly, not all media outlets seem to feel this way. This past weekend Rolling Stone put up a review of An Ånswer Can Be Found on their website, rollingstone.com. The reviewer, Jenny Eliscu, gave but a paragraph to the album, in what may be the worst review of anything in the history of reviews. She gave the new album ONE star. This didn't sit well with the Alliance, and we started a massive e-mail campaign to Rolling Stone, expressing our disbelief and anger about this horrible "journalism", just as we did when IDR was released and they gave it 2 stars. You can read the review here. Well, the Alliance managed to get RS.com to take the review down late Monday night, and the page read "This Album Not Rated". We all assumed this was a great victory and a new, intelligent review would be on the way. This was not the case however, as yesterday evening Jenny Eliscu's review was put back up. Now we need extra support. I'm asking any of you willing to please send intelligent, thought-out e-mails to letters@rollingstone.com, letting them know that a one star review of this album is unacceptable. They called us out, and we will take a stand.

On another note, Blabbermouth.net posted a decent 7.0 out of 10 review of An Ånswer Can Be Found. This reviewer actually listened to the album, and at least made some thought out points as to why he felt the album was lacking. This is fine, and it was a decent review, but the Blabbermouthers who post at this website, who have a strong dislike for CKY because of various other news bits that were posted on that website, have made it their goal to make the album the lowest rated in Blabbermouth history. In order to change this, members of the Alliance are registering to the site and giving the album a perfect 10. To do this, just sign up at Blabbermouth.net. Alot of people aren't getting their confirmation e-mails after registering. If this happens, click the "Retrieve Password" button and enter your e-mail. An e-mail should be sent to you immediatly with a link to click to activate your account.

I thank all of you for your assistance, now is the time that we as an Alliance once again show our power to force change.
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